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Here we would like to introduce us and our service offers.

The work contents of our company are superficially application-oriented. They concern the technological and product developments. In the unity of material - joining process - technology - industrial products we offer the following service spectrum:

  • analysis of joining technical industrial production processes according to functional performance, quality, efficiency and process security;
  • industry-oriented research in the fields of joining processes in detail, searching causal physical / chemical relationships and finding of new processes for new applications;
  • investigation of new materials in terms of thermal, mechanical and chemical joining capabilities in compliance with the provisions and use of the maximum static / dynamic demands;
  • systematization and formulation of tasks, definition of processes and finding the best links of selected materials and joining technique;
  • transfer the results into practice by manufacturing of demonstrations, prototypes, batch productions;
  • supervision of the technology, processes and products in the practice;
  • consulting on the use of joining technique as well as material selection and construction design

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